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City Tree Work Order Form

Before completing this form, please be aware:

The City is responsible for trees on City property only. City trees are trees located on the boulevard or within parks. If your tree is on private property, you will need to contact a third party such as an arborist.

Trees on private property if dead, broken branches, or an imminent safety issue can be reported to by-law enforcement within our Contact Us form. Do not complete tree work order form below.

Trees Near Power Lines
If a tree is touching or near power lines, Bluewater Power must be contacted. Refer to their Tree Trimming page for more information.

Immediate Hazards:

Do not complete this form for immediate hazards. This includes a fallen tree or limb on a road or walkway causing an immediate hazard. Instead, contact us:
During Regular Office Hours: Please call City Hall at 519-332-0330 Ext. 3131.
After Hours: Please call 226-472-1150.

When submitting a City Tree Work Order, if possible, please submit a photo, and help us be more efficient.


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