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Planning Application Submissions


To submit an application to the Planning Department, please follow the process outlined below including making a payment and submitting an application(s).

The Owner and Applicant will receive confirmation of the submission, staff will be in contact within 3 days to follow-up.

All correspondence regarding the application(s) below will be sent to the Owner and Applicant.

Application Process

Application Fee

Visit the online payment portal to submit the application fee(s) for the application(s) being submitted. Upload a copy of the payment confirmation with the submission documents in the form below.

Submission Form

Complete the submission form below, and provide contact information as required.

Upload individual PDF files for all of the required documents or plans and use the naming conventions outlined on this page.


File Naming Convention

Please provide separate PDF files for all of the required documents or plans and use the following naming convention:
- Application.pdf
- Payment_Confirmation.pdf
- Concept_Plan.pdf
- Survey_Plan.pdf
- Sun/Shadow_Analysis.pdf
- Planning_Justification_Report.pdf
- Traffic_Study.pdf
- Noise_Study.pdf
- Archeological_Assessment.pdf
- Servicing_Feasability_Study.pdf
- Environmental_Impact_Assessment.pdf
- Geotechnical_Study.pdf

Where multiple applications are submitting, provide the application suffix after the application form, for example Application_OPA.pdf